Does blood donation have an impact on the voice? (A feasibility study with a medical background)

Your voice is very sensitive and reacts to different influences. This could be stress, fatigue or an illness. The female cycle can also influence the voice. In preparation for a new model of artificial intelligence, we now need your support.

The aim of the study:

If you donate blood regularly, you can help us. We want to identify the parameters and biomarkers in the voice that change significantly before and after blood donation.

Preparation of the test:

1. Download the apps on your preferred platform Google Android, Apple IOS or Xiaomi.

2. Select your desired language in the navigation menu in the app.

3. In the navigation menu, select Import QR Code (then download the QR Code into your picture folder on the phone and then import) OR QR Code Scan, then activate camera and scan the QR Code from this page.

Blueprint of daily tests:

1. If possible, take the test in the app at the same time every day. The QR code activates a questionnaire in which you can indicate whether you have donated blood in the last 24 hours.

2. Then do the cough test and read the sentence “A caravan went with its camels…” twice.

3. Check in and done.

All data are processed anonymously; we can never identify you or assign data without your participation.


If you are going to donate blood, you should have the tests done 2-3 days before and after the appointment. This period is extremely important. If you forget a day, no problem.

If you have any questions or problems, just ping us.