Your voice, a remarkable instrument, responds to various influences: strenuous training, insufficient recovery after sports, mental stress, the female menstrual cycle, or even illnesses like a concussion. Often, we remain unaware of these subtle changes.

At VOIZZR, our mission is to decode the secrets hidden within your voice. Why? Because every change in your voice has a reason. Whether it’s a short-term event like an exam, extended dialogues at a trade fair, injuries, or long-term shifts due to aging, vocal changes, or conditions like Parkinson’s or dementia, your voice holds valuable clues.

VOIZZR aims to uncover patterns and trends in your voice. Imagine if your voice could reveal your current emotions or subtle shifts in your health and well-being over time. We observe daily patterns and changes in voice recordings, even if we can’t fully explain everything yet. Perhaps the future holds more answers.

Our arsenal includes over 50 AI-based algorithms that analyze your speech files, revealing those elusive patterns. Rest assured, your data is anonymized and securely processed. The earlier we detect changes, the sooner we can take action.

VOIZZR runs on iPhone, Android and XIAOMI devices. VOIZZR has two apps the VOIZZR PITCH ANALYSER and the VOIZZR RPE ANALYSER. The RPE ANALYSER has a strong focus on sports with some special features like RPA monitoring and REGman to make it easier to enter, track, monitore and analyse sports related parameters for performance, recovery, stress, fatigue and regeneration aspects.

So, let your voice speak—it might just tell you more than you realize!