Investors & Partners

The best way to support us is two-fold: Use the app as often as possible and invest through your voice, and if it’s important to you, use our fair subscription model at 0,99 EURO/USD per month per user. We also have a free version that allows you to observe many things already.

We have made some local adjustments due to different purchasing power in some regions.

We repay you with increased mindfulness for yourself, your voice, and your body and ultimately your health and well-being.

You are responsible for your well-being; we just want to support you.

Current facts and numbers:

More than 50 AI algorithms are running to recognise trends and patterns in humans voice

More than 6000 users are using the app globally

GenAI Integration to increase user communication currently in internal testing

Current feasibility studies with a medical backround: recognition of female menstruation cycle based on voice input; fatigue and performance monitoring of Bundesliga team; concussion recognition with olympic team based on voice input; monitoring of parkinson diagnosed people based on voice input and measurement of hand tremors; stress and fatigue monitoring; recognition of potential covid infections based on voice input; measuring the effect of blood transfusion on humans voice based on voice input

For further inquiries, please contact cklasen (@)