VOIZZR will be your best buddy.

VOIZZR will help you to monitore signals in your voice.

VOIZZR uses more than 50 AI algorithms to detect and monitor patterns and trends in your voice.

Our passion

We have been dealing with audio and media streaming, software development and artificial intelligence for years.

And we love our voice!

Artificial Intelligence makes life a little better.

So we decided to connect our passions.

Creating a tool to measure the signals in your voice, in your breath and cough in real-time shows a challenge. We have the tools, know how and methods to accept it.


We are a collective of tech enthusiasts deeply passionate about voice, music videos, media, and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to quantify technical aspects of your voice and unveil its nuances.

Whether you’re a keynote speaker, a singer, a teacher, or a trainer, you’re familiar with the common scenario of losing your voice by the end of the day.

Is there still testing for COVID, both by sports clubs and athletes?

Some are optimizing their COVID testing processes with the VOIZZR App.

In our surroundings, whether in the social circle, workplace, school, daycare, sports club, or personally, the number of “positive” COVID cases is rising again. As expected, the numbers are currently increasing in the cold season. However, there are neither prescribed testing protocols from associations and the Bundesliga nor a sufficient number of available testing centers. How should we handle this, especially after Christmas celebrations and before Christmas with family?

In professional sports, there are no fixed testing protocols anymore. However, some clubs and athletes rely on the VOIZZR PITCH ANALYSER or VOIZZR RPE App (optimized for professional sports). The goal is to identify potential cases early and raise awareness not only among athletes but also among family members and the coaching staff. Athletes, such as skiers, snowboarders, or biathletes, are often on the move, and some athletes could quickly test positive and be unable to compete. Athletes voluntarily use the app every morning to record coughing and read a predetermined sentence. This typically takes less than a minute. AI algorithms analyze the voice files in the background. If cough values are significantly in the upper range and a declining pattern appears in the P-Score, athletes are prompted to see the hygiene officer and discuss further steps. Often, a rapid test is then conducted to clarify the situation.

“Last season, we identified three cases before the Bundesliga’s testing protocol would have come into play,” reported a hygiene officer. “Additionally, we divided ‘Family and Friends’ of the players and the youth squads into separate groups for better oversight. Most infections come into the team through these contacts. The earlier we identify a player or the risk in their environment, the lower their personal risk, and the less likely they are to potentially infect others.”

“We simply sent the app links to our athletes in the youth squads, and they could start right away. Since we only see the athletes at regular intervals for training sessions at the training centers, we need a simple and pragmatic solution!” commented a national team coach. “We now receive the information before it reaches us!”

For those interested: Up to 10 tests per month are available for free. If you want to test friends and family with your own app, you can create additional profiles here.

In this spirit: Stay healthy, be mindful, and have a wonderful Christmas in the company of your loved ones.

Feel free to contact us to get a QR Code for access or request our API.

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