VOIZZR will be your best buddy.

VOIZZR will help you to monitore signals in your voice.

Our passion

We have been dealing with audio and media streaming, software development and artificial intelligence for years.

And we love our voice!

Artificial Intelligence makes life a little better.

So we decided to connect our passions.

Creating a tool to measure the signals in your voice, in your breath and cough in real-time shows a challenge. We have the tools, know how and methods to accept it.


We are a group of technical nerds with a passion for voice, music videos, media and artificial intelligence.

We want to make technical signals in the voice measurable. We want to show you changes in your voice.

As a keynote speaker, singer, teacher or trainer you know it: at the end of the day you no longer have a voice.


VOIZZR in press

DIAGNOSEHELFER – Start-ups wagen die Stimmprobe Sprachdateien könnten zukünftig dabei helfen, Krankheiten zu erkennen und deren Verlauf einzuschätzen. Noch suchen Start-ups nach ausreichend Trainingsdaten – und beklagen unklare Zertifizierungswege. more… English Spanish Version Turkish Version Mandarin Chinese Version


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email: cklasen [@] voizzr.com