Perhaps you know the situation where a friend says to you, “Hey, you sound a bit strange today! Is everything okay with you?”

VOIZZR wants to be that friend, that buddy.

VOIZZR will help you to monitore signals in your voice. Because we believe that your voice can reveal a lot about you.

VOIZZR uses more than 50 AI algorithms to detect and monitor patterns and trends in your voice.

Our passion

We have been dealing with audio and media streaming, software development and artificial intelligence for years.

And we love our voice!

Artificial Intelligence makes life a little better.

So we decided to connect our passions.

Creating a tool to measure the signals in your voice, in your breath and cough in real-time shows a challenge. We have the tools, know how and methods to accept it.


We want to help you become aware of changes and developments in your mind, body, and well-being. We believe that your voice can assist you precisely in this process.

Your voice has the power to illuminate your inner landscape, guiding you toward self-awareness and growth.

We are a collective of tech enthusiasts deeply passionate about voice, music videos, media, and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to quantify technical aspects of your voice and unveil its nuances.

Whether you’re a keynote speaker, a singer, a teacher, sport athlet, or a trainer, you’re familiar with the common scenario of losing your voice by the end of the day.

“If our AI can help improve someone’s well-being, it’s all worthwhile.”

Posts and news

Menstruation cycle determination based on the female voice (A feasibility study with a medical background)

Can the timing of menstruation and ovulation within the female cycle be predicted? What would be the implications if yes? And that too, days in advance? Just by using the voice? The questions sound exciting. We want to find the answers together with female athletes. Your voice is remarkably sensitive and responds to various influences. These …

Is there still testing for COVID, both by sports clubs and athletes?

Some are optimizing their COVID testing processes with the VOIZZR App. In our surroundings, whether in the social circle, workplace, school, daycare, sports club, or personally, the number of “positive” COVID cases is rising again. As expected, the numbers are increasing in the cold season. However, there are neither prescribed testing protocols from associations and …

Does blood donation have an impact on the voice? (A feasibility study with a medical background)

Your voice is very sensitive and reacts to different influences. This could be stress, fatigue or an illness. The female cycle can also influence the voice. In preparation for a new model of artificial intelligence, we now need your support. The aim of the study: If you donate blood regularly, you can help us. We …


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