Check your voice

VOIZZR is not a medical product.

VOIZZR is measuring technical signals in your voice and is showing deviations from YOUR “NORMAL”.

VOIZZR is your best buddy, supporting you in monitoring your voice. If there are some changes in your voice, something happened with you.

Download the VOIZZR recorder app on Apple Store or Google Play

Download and scan QR Code out of the App (or from website)

Define team name & select language

The first time, please repeat the test 3-5 times

Start recording

Start breathing and check

Start coughing and check

Start speak and check

Send to AI


    – low risk repeat next day

    – medium: repeat later same day

    – high: repeat 2-3 times, if still high it may be helpful to visit a medical doctor of to verify with rapid or PCR test.

If you feel any symptoms it is always recommend to check with a covid test a/o visit a doc.

If there are any questions feel free to contact us.

Your data are stored on Microsoft Azure cloud server in Europe and are processed secure and anonymously.


Spanish Version

Turkish Version

Mandarin Chinese Version