What the hell is VOIZZR RPE ANALYZER?

VOIZZR RPE ANALYZER is part of a research project by VOIZZR in collaboration with various sports institutes, sports universities, sports scientists, national coaches, and Olympic training centers, resulting from various workshops in the Tech Workshop for High-Performance Sports at the German Federal Institute of Sports Science.

Optimize your training and enhance your performance with the VOIZZR RPE Analyzer! Track your performance, recovery, and sleep, and identify patterns in your voice. Ideal for athletes, coaches, and Olympic participants!

Improve your fitness and mental strength through targeted training optimization. Our app has been developed in cooperation with various Olympic training centers and athletes in Germany. The goal is to optimize your training, plan recovery phases, and prevent injuries.

Track your RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) daily and easily access REGman (German Federal Institute of Sports Science) and other information. The RPE is represented on the well-established BORG scale. It is based on your personal perception of exertion and helps you assess the intensity of your physical activity or training. Graphical evaluations are available.

The combination of subjective data and voice analysis provides you and your coach with a transparent overview of your current physical and mental condition.

Your data is processed in a pseudonymized manner and stored on secure servers in the EU.

Coaches have access to their athletes’ data if needed. Contact us for more information.

Please note that this app is not intended as a medical product and is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, monitoring, or prevention of medical conditions or diseases. We show you trends and patterns in your voice. Before making any changes to your daily routine, training, medications, or nutrition, it is important to consult with your coach, doctor, or other medical expert.

Optimize your training, enhance your performance, and become a professional athlete with the VOIZZR RPE Analyzer!